e-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go 앱 리뷰

Background music

I find the music that plays in the background while the bible is being narrated to be very annoying and distracting. Please add a setting where users can turn that off.

Excellent Study Bible

This an excellent Study Bible for student, Sunday teachers and just about every other person. Jay

I like it

Tip. If you need to make a note, you press hold and share to your iPhone notes. You won't find that in the instructions. One wish list item. You can use two fingers to swipe through search results, but it would be great if you could use that same two finger swipe to scroll through all commentary or dictionary results.

Great Bible Study app with great support

This awesome app is my go-to for Bible Study; highly recommended. I also really appreciate that the developers take feedback and app suggestions seriously. I suggested a feature, and it was implemented in a recent release. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

A lovely app

This app is thoughtfully written and permits access to a wide variety of resources, many of which are free, and some of them are prohibitively expensive with other apps. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the tutorial is concise while also being thorough. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to go through the tutorial - I benefitted from it. Thanks to the developer!!

Dislike the new split window with word references

Dislike the new split window with word references. Love the app but is distracting in my read that it takes up real estate. Please make it an option to opt in for it.

KJV+ won’t go away

Why is the KJV+ appearing at the bottom of my screen? I don’t see any way to shut off this bible study mode. It is a nuisance.

Less friendly

Was a 5star user friendly but once multiple versions downloaded it now is not easy to use in mobile app as trying to read, because secondary version cannot be unselected from being displayed on screen. Very occasionally I use strongs numbers but primary use is reading scripture, bookmarking, and highlighting. I am not going back and forth between versions or any other vast resources. This has been best app for mobile Bible and I hope that maybe there an be an adjustment to be able to just read full screen scripture in “standard” mode. Thank you for your time and diligent works. :-)


This is the Best App! It gives you the BIBLICAL definition of the words along with very entertaining audio. Considering how “mysterious” the word can be when reading it, this is a great way to start getting more understanding when studying. I’m hooked! Highly Recommended.

Just the Word

I love that this app doesn’t bombard you with devotional and extraneous thoughts or ads. I can just open it up and get right to the Word of God. I appreciate the powerful search tools too.

Great study app

This app is really great it has quick switch to dictionary,cross reference,half page concordance,easy navigation to everything . GreAt for a study bible app. The commentaries are also really good

Love this app

Great for bible study!!! I bought a Strong’s Concordance but this is really nice because it has the same info but within the scriptures I am reading. Easy to use also! Very good value for the cost!!!

Excellent Bible App

The best Bible app of six or so that I have used for study.

Excellent App!

This is my primary app for studying the KJB!

FAST and well designed

Fastest Bible app I've used. I love the way all search results are shown with preview. Another favorite feature is the section headings that show even while you're selecting a book, chapter, verse. I've used it nearly every day for almost a year, and so far, my only complaint is that there's no back space in the concordance and lexicon

Sharpest Sword there is!

Blessed to have eSword! Whether on my computer, tablet, and especially my laptop- eSword is my first choice for studying and preparing sermons. Any translation and many amazing commentaries from NICOT and NICNT to incredible older guys like Barnes and Poole- you can’t beat it! Thank you for a truly amazing product!

Best Bible App ever

Study mode rocks!

Thank you lord

This is helping me so much become more of a believer to things I never read, I always been a true believer.this I know now having it read to me this is teaching me more everyday n helping me thru everything u can think of, I wanna thank you to the creators of this app and hope and prAy for everybody tht needs god finds this . Thank u with love and thank you god for leading me to strive n keep going to something and learn more from your word in Jesus name I pray amen ...

Great Bible study

The Esword is a great app for Bible study and research, you can get a much greater insight when you go back to the original Greek to get a better understanding of what a verse means. I wish that it had more Versions, NIV, NAS, NLT, etc.


I were looking diego ascunce versión but in this app not have, at e-sword on computer they have. Let me know. Thanks !

Get This Great Tool

Operates smoothly and easily! I highly recommend this to all!

Jason Belt

It is awesome for studying Gods word!

Great App!

It has been a great tool in my study of the Holy Scriptures

Lives Up to the Name.

Portable, easy to use, and gets the job done in loading up on God’s Word.

Awesome Bible App

I have been using eSword on my desktop for years, so glad to have it for my phone now! Thanks!

Thanks it’s great and I’m grateful

Excellent, it is amazing what is offered and without cost, but in what is for sale they are excellent as well and very affordable everything that the expensive Bible apps offer but mostly for free and what is sold at a much more affordable price as a Yeshiva student on Disability I am grateful and couldn’t do without it. Thanks

Flexible and useful

I use my desktop computer version for my Bible study and investigation. This slimed version gives me “on the go” capabilities. Thanks for a great product.



very good information

I love the information on this app, as a bible student it's very helpful, however I rated it 4 stars out of 5 for the following reasons. I am a voiceover user and the buttons are not labeled, another reason is the search function it appears to be very clunky. I actually found it one time, I punched in a few words out of a Bible verse and it could not find it. Hopefully these issues can be fixed in the next update, thank you and I will continue using this wonderful application, may God bless you all in Jesus name.

Can’t remove commentaries.

I love E-Sword on my IPhone, but I can’t figure out how to delete commentaries I don’t use anymore to save space on my phone and on the Cloud.

A comprehensive Bible app

I have E-Sword on my PC for several years now and glad it is available for my cell. I use it daily

THE best bible app

This is the best bible app available in my opinion. Love being able to have the Strong’s Concordance numbers right there while reading the scriptures. Easy to use and many options. A wonderful job by the creator of this app and a thanks to you.

I love this Bible app.

I love how quickly I can find a chapter and verse. Love having my Bible to reference anywhere anytime. Could be a little more user friendly. I find myself getting stuck and not being able to back up. Or change settings to have more access to all of the resources in this app. I do love it though

I’m enjoying it!!

I’ve really enjoyed the Greek and Hebrew part of this app. It’s such a good tool is have in teaching myself and other, rebuking others who contradict (that sometimes includes myself), it’s good for correction, and it trains my mind to dig deeper and think back to the original text!!

A better Inderstanding

This version gives you Hebrew n Greek it helps to understand totally. Words have several meanings with e-Sword it’s the total package! I’ll be spreading the word

Great app!!

I love this app but just like every other paid app I would love for some of the locked features to be unlocked ...not all of them not being greedy but a little bit more than what’s available because this Bible app has Alot of-great potential

I Love this app

Best bible app. I love The Scriptures Bible. Well worth the $1.99

Add Calvin’s Commentary?

I really enjoy all that eSword has to offer. In my opinion, it would be perfect if it offered John Calvin’s commentaries. Any thought to adding it?

Wonderful blessing go against society read the Word

You need faith study to grow in it


The best bible tool!

Essential. Add daily verse notification

Perfect. Just add daily verse notification.


The best study tool I have ever came across. I the youth leader at my church and use this app to prepare Sunday school lessons. It is easy to use and comes with a dictionary,commentary’s,concordance,word lookup,and others incredible features. I have e-Sword on my iPhone and 2 computers. Definitely worth the money!

Good for quick Greek parsing

This is not the only bible app on my phone but it’s the only one the gets me into the parsing of Greek words.

Need Ability To Change Language

Overall the app it's very useful for dose who seek to learn more from the Word of God, but the inability to be able to switch to other languages keeps me from using the app as often as I would like to forcing me to use other sources instead, for this reason I'll give it 3 Stars.

Awesome study guide

I love this app..if I could export my saved notes and highlights it would be better.

iPhone 5

What a blessing to have this wonderful app to take with me everywhere I go!!! HIS Word needs to be involved in all that we do, all day, everyday. With this app, that's possible. I’ve been using E-Sword for years and love it on my phone! Thanks for the gift!!!

Really sophisticated software

I have used e-sword for over a decade , and have yet to encounter any other bible software as smart and easy to use , am really impressed with the I pad and iPhone versions . The voluminous resources are absolutely inspiring, great works of awesome Christians that never cease to enlighten and stir up zeal for our savior and his church as well as the lost that He came to redeem.

Love Esword

I love using this app for my daily reading and at worship services. I can highlight scriptures and make notes just like a print Bible and I can make the print the size I need. Highly recommend.

Amazing just one thing

Highly pleased with this App except I can’t rotate my phone to continue reading. Perhaps I could better read from my Apple TV once rotating it and using it to read from there 😀

Great Bible study software...but...

I would like to see the cross-reference and Bible verse references option-button, similar to my sword (android version). Thanks.

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