e-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go 앱 리뷰

Just better and better.

I have been using Bible programs for a long time and this is the best! It just does all things well.

Rick is amazing and so is his app

Been a user for years. Powerful free app to keep the word of God in your heart.


I am a lover of the Word of God and this is my main resource for study and sermon preparation. A must have for Ministers of the Gospel!!


This has been a true blessing to me. I learned so much with this app

The apps doesn't save the highlights:(

I was so excited about this app, it was working perfectly and it has so many good tools... I read many chapters and I was using the highlighter in many verses, but the next day when I tried to see when I stopped reading Yesterday I realized that the app didn't even save anything..... so I had to start over.

Word of the Living God

Word of the Living God

All you need

The information within this app is all you need to help study the Bible. It is very simple and easy to use. A great app!

A Real Sword

This is a real electronic Sword for the 21ST century Christian, Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher. God bless you and the Ministry.

It will help

If you have and heart and mind that is inclined to God you will certainly appreciate the helpfulness of this app. If your heart and mind are not so inclined, you'll hate this app probably with a passion.

Incredibly Convenient Bible To Use

Thanks a million to those who developed this soft version of the Bible. It is incredibly convenient to use anywhere and at anytime. It is an app that you can't live without.

Great App

I've been using this app since it was on the PC. The mobile app is a great addition. Wonderful product that has enriched my life.

#1 Bible Study App.

Love this Bible app for studying the Word. Type in any word and it will pull up all scriptures containing specific. Many different resources in one!

In love

I absolutely love e-sword!!!!


Still learning how to use it but enjoying it so far.

Worth buying!!! 💯✔️🎇🎊☑️🎉🎆

This is a must for students of the Word!!!! Every preacher and teacher of the Word should have this app. This is a good app to edify yourself, teach God people, and help you tear down the kingdom of darkness!!!

Bible study

The best bible app I have found. E-sword is by far the best Bible studying tool. I like having all of the resources in one place and the fact you can choose the resources and not be burdened with things you don't use.

Highly Recommended by PastorMyk

Amazing resource for Pastors and Elders, Preachers, Writers, and Bible students. E-Sword is a true 21st Century Blessing to God's people. God must want to wrap up His work as time is running out. E-Sword saves much time and helps expedite the process of sermon preparation. Much appreciated tool and for many years past and years to come!


This by far is the best Bible app on the market and has been for quite some time. I learned about e-Sword a long time ago and I am glad that Rick has grown the program as technology has grown and increased. Super Job Rick! We appreciate you for sharing your gift and ministry with the world.

Best for the price

Great resource without ads or suggestive daily devotions or verses. Lots of downloadable versions of bibles, dictionaries, lexicons. Some free, some cost. You can use it without need for internet. Never lags. Nice, simple, and never failing app.

High-tech excellent Bible study App, and FREE

with lots of bible translations and additional references that are free downloads. But there are purchaseable (newer and/or not in public domain) commentaries for which e-sword automatically displays the bible verse that you are on. There are many other reference works for sale too that load directly in the App. You can create your own choice of 3 parallel bible translations and many other features. One click displays the Hebrew or Greek word and definition. Really amazing tool!!! We are so blessed to have this. I thank Rick Meyers and the volunteers for keeping the App up to date.


I've been studying the word for 42 years. E sword is the best software I've ever used!

God is beautiful

God love you 🙏🏼

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

Anyone who is thinking about it, buy it! Such a good book, and it has an audio formats for anyone hard of seeing :)

Fabulous Resource

eSword is an excellent resource for anyone looking to dive into the treasure chest of the Word of God.

E-Sword review

I love to use this app for my Greek study. You can easily compare versions and quickly pull up commentaries. Only thing it's lacking is parallel viewing like on the ipad version.

Great App

I use E-Sword on my MAC and Windows PC also. No problems. I purchased some add ons that made the E-Sword way much better. The purchased add ons work on all 3 of my devices with m problem. But I did wonder before purchasing the add ons if they would work only on 1 device. No the license numbers work on several devices. I recommend.

eSword is the Best!

I've been using eSword for more than 2 decades now and it's really very helpful to me as a pastor and student of God's Word. Every believer, specifically those who are indeed serious on what it takes to be a real disciple (learner) of Christ, needs to have this app.

My "Go To" App for Study

I've been using eSword for years. Even after using some of the expensive commercial Bible study software I keep coming back to eSword. All the tools I need and easy to use!

My preferred Bible/Bible research app

What was an excellent research tool on my laptop has become available on my phone, too! I'm glad it supports Max Lucado's devotional and Vine's dictionary.

D C Boyer

I find this to be a very very good useful Bible app with many great bible translations that are free.



Great App

Love the Strong's concordance. Great word study... I also like the audio bible

Moises Paredes

Excelente herramienta para el conocimiento mas profundo de las escrituras

Excellent One Stop Bible Study App!

This application is an excellent tool for bible study and sermon preparation.

Great App

Quick easy to use. Only improvement would be to have it have all the same sync journal, topic, study as E-Sword X and auto sync. Definitely more then worth the price.

Great product

The iOS version works well and is easy to navigate

Faithful work for years!

I'm grateful for Rick Myers for his work in the Lord. E-Sword has blessed me over the last 10 years, first in the PC, and now on mobile devices. Thank you so much for your work. $1.99 is worth our spiritual growth and definitely worth giving to Rick!




Good app to use, how ever best to read from the Bible in book form

Phenomenal resource

I have a handful of computer Bible study resources, but e-Sword has, for years, been my go-to program. It's quick, has tons of options that are easily accessed and learned. As an expository preaching pastor, I use e-Sword everyday on my laptop, my iPhone and my iPad. I highly recommend this resource.

A true blessing

To have the amount of material available alongside most translations available in one location makes this companion to the pic version and the benefit to my personal bible studies a true blessing.

Love it ❤️

This app is great for Bible reading. Also has good commentaries and a good daily devotional by Bob Hoekstra. Can't be beat for the price!!

Great app

Two thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼

Best bible study app around

I've had this app on my phone and multiple devices for years now. It's my go to for looking up meanings and digging through commentary. The creator has certainly found an intuitive way to make hundreds, if not thousands years of study material and documentation available at our fingertips. I love it!

Nothing Compares

This is the best, hands down. There is no other program, at least that I am aware of, that can even come close to comparing to E-Sword. It's easy to use and absolutely packed. I have noticed that there seems to be a bug in this new version that continually deletes any downloaded material such as commentaries; every time I open the app I have to download the material again. Hopefully that'll get sorted out soon.

Hands down best bible app (for me)

One major plus for me is no internet connection needed. It's fully installed and super quick between all actions. Tons free add-ons and more than enough additional for a fee add ons for any lay or ministry personnel.

Love the app. needs to have sync capability

excellent access to resources and downloadable bibles. needs NKJV included with cost of app. Critiques: 1. add dual screen for reading two languages at once. in vertical mode one on top half and the other on the bottom 2. Better smart search. For example if I search for "Jerimiah" (misspelled) it will also know to look for Jeremiah automatically.

Thank You

Great resource app, very useful and well supported! Handy as a shirt pocket!😇

E sword review from Waxhaw NC

Using E Sword? I find myself frequently reading and referring and quoting scripture to others when speaking about OUR LORD JESUS. The commentaries give further understanding Thank you

Good jod!

I feel fine studying with this app. Thanks

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