e-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go 앱 리뷰

Love Esword

I love using this app for my daily reading and at worship services. I can highlight scriptures and make notes just like a print Bible and I can make the print the size I need. Highly recommend.

Amazing just one thing

Highly pleased with this App except I can’t rotate my phone to continue reading. Perhaps I could better read from my Apple TV once rotating it and using it to read from there 😀

Great Bible study software...but...

I would like to see the cross-reference and Bible verse references option-button, similar to my sword (android version). Thanks.


Thank you for making the word alive

Love it! Grateful for this gift

I have been ministering “officially” now for about 3 years and this app is an awesome tool!! Love the Greek and Hebrew Lexicon and love how the updates are making things easier to navigate and use!! Best bible app ever hands down I don’t care what anybody else says!!! Lol

The Best

I love it! I’ve checked out a few but you can’t beat this one it’s got E. W. Bullinger’s notes. Which really helps to do some real deep Bible studying. ITS GREAT! But I wish it had the 198 appendix of the E. W. Bullinger’s Companion Bible. I Love It ❤️.

To win battles

David find great strength in Elohim

Love e-Sword

I have been using e-Sword for several years. I have bought several versions of the Bible, and the ease of the software makes studying the Bible much easier. Thanks for the free version of this software.

Must have for preachers or just good study

This app is fantastic, I use it every day. I am a preacher, this app, along with a few other document apps, are a big part of every sermon. The accessibility of the dictionary’s and commentary’s and Strong’s. It’s all super easy and very helpful, well worth the price.

Decepcionada/Versión español es por separado

Se que es tremenda aplicación por lo que puedo leer en los “reviews” y por lo que he podido ver en las gráficas. Pero la compré porque en el anuncio de aquí de la app decía que el lenguaje que estaba comprando era Inglés y Español. Cuando compre la aplicación solo tengo disponible el idioma Inglés y el español tengo que comprarlo a parte. Por ahora dejare una estrella pues creo que está mal que hayan puesto que esta versión que estaba comprando era también en español.

What a great blessing

Approximately 17 years ago I was told of several different Bible apps I could use. I like several of them but I am still amazed at eSword. There are so many Bibles for comparisons, language translations, word study and just reading ease that I have latched on to eSword. I highly recommend eSword for commentary provided, concordance, maps and many other study helps. I feel eSword is the best Bible app resource available for donation. Please support them, God Bless!

Such a blessing!

I thank God for allowing e-Sword to have been created. I thank his servants for the time, effort, and resources which they have used to give the world an amazing tool to help us understand our Savior Jesus Christ and The Word. Trust in Him and know that the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. I want everyone of my children to have this app for their Bible study.

Liking e-sword

Provides many tools to help me study the Word right at my fingertips.

Great App

I’ve used this app for a long time. It’s simple to use and yet very powerful. Before the app I used the computer program. It’s the same and also free.

Awesome and all encompassing

There is not another Bible app that allows me to do whatever I need to do in order to understand and get the most out of what I read. There are so many resources to use. I use to have several Bible apps...and E-sword LT replaces them all. Thank you!

Great tool

I use e-Sword very often in ministerial work.

Just great

Used e-sword on my pc for years, was ecstatic to find it on the App Store. Well worth the money!


Really enjoy this app!!! Great for Bible studying!!!

Best Bible app

Love this app and all the options for downloading are very useful and easy find, would recommend to everyone who loves to study!

Perfect bible study tool

Easy to compare different translations and compare to original Greek. Love it!

Rev Andino

Best bible app out there.

Great study tool and worth the purchase

I’ve used e-tools for PC several years ago (before iPhone was even a thing) and I have always liked the feel and the layout. Through the years I’ve moved around and tried other software like Olive Tree (which is another great tool), but have since gone back to e-tools because of their vast collection of free commentary and resources. Because of my return to e-tools on PC, I thought I would give the iPhone and iPad version a go (I have yet to purchase the Mac version). It is wonderful to have on my phone. The large amount of resources on hand and the ease to learn it (it is a little different feel from PC) are among some of its best strengths. There are reasons though why I would love to give it a 5 star rating but don’t feel it’s quite there yet (but most definitely could be in time). 1) the study mode is fantastic. I love being able to see the strongs version down below the main text, but I wish I could change it at times from being Strong’s to maybe the commentary or dictionary (like the 1828 Webster’s) instead of having to leave the page. So the customizability like we have on PC. 2) I have fat fingers and terrible eyes so having to select the verse number to get the responding commentary or information for that verse feels cumbersome sometimes. This one isn’t huge, but on PC I love being able to have my dictionary at the bottom and simply click a word in the verse and it automatically highlights the verse and pulls up the commentary for the verse and dictionary for the word. So something like simply tapping anywhere on the verse then highlights the verse (just an opinion). 3) I wish that all of the resources available for the PC were available on the iPad and iPhone. One of my favorites is the Geneva study notes being used alongside my KJV. This combo is amazing, but there is no Geneva on iPhone and iPad. I’ve emailed the developer about this but have not heard anything back on whether or note they will make all resources from PC available on these other devices. This is the big reason for the 4 star because I can’t have al my study resources available on the go. I will in no way steer anyone away from this app however. It’s a superb and wonderfully made app. The suggestions I made above are simply personal preferences and in no way affect the current usability and features included in this wonderful software. It is amazing and huge to be able to keep with you at all times. God bless you guys for your hard word in bringing us this amazing tool to further our growth in our LORD God and Father, his precious Son, and the Holy Spirit!

The sword !!!

This app is awesome!!!

Nice work

I really enjoy how you utilized bible.is; great work on that. I really like having the Treasury of David commentary so easily on hand now with this app. So easy. Praise the Lord!

Joshua 1:8

My daily source of feeding on the word is through E-Sword... I can read devotionals, or scan chapters of the scriptures, or do an in-depth expository study of any scripture. I have used this for years, but a couple of years ago, I learned I could add this to my I-phone. My friend just pointed out that I can do an exhaustive search on any word in the Bible through the Strong’s Hebrew or Greek numbers by typing in the number, and searching... (I used to search original words through a thick book of Strong’s Concordance, and knew how to search English words in E-Sword, but did not know how to search every reference of the original language of each word.) This one phone app has replaced hundreds of books (Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, maps, and concordances)...all at the tap of a finger! It is the single most valuable tool I use everyday of my life!!! Thanks for making this available to all... God bless, Cabot Barbour

Cloud sync Notes, please!

This app is so great and I have use it forever. Just one fundamental feature to make it PERFECT- notes that sync across devices via iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive or any public cloud services, please, I beg you...

Awesome Study Tool

As a pastor and teacher, it is vital to study the Word of God. Before, I had different translations and commentaries spread out everywhere to study. This app puts all of that in one place. And when traveling, it was nearly impossible to bring all my study materials with me. Now, it’s all here in the palm of my hand. Such a valuable tool.


Studying the word of of God through e sword took some getting used to but I enjoy it .

Great app

I haven’t learned to use it to it’s full potential, but it is a wonderful tool for my bible study. I love being able to look up the Greek words and the meaning. I also enjoy the commentary. Great app. Thanks!

Great full for e-Sword

Glad to have it here on my tablet and iPhone but background color on the ‘today’ option is always dark with colored text and impossible for me to read with such small print. Please upgrade that so the background can be changed.

Just Excellent as Fitting Our Master

I’ve been running Olive Tree Bible software for years and just started using eSword a couple of months ago due to an unresolved issue with Olive Tree. I love eSword and have recommended it to my congregation. It seems more intuitively designed for ease of use. I was able to purchase every add on module that I want and they all run seamlessly. And it’s a good looking App even allowing you to change color schemes, etc. if you spend much time studying with it that’s a plus.

E-Sword Lt

The dramatized version of the audio bible is just outstanding. Thank you!

Love it!

E-Sword is so much more user friendly to than logos. I can’t say enough good things about it. :) I love how I can make notes and study very simply and efficiently.

Very user friendly!!

Love the options to download other translations and being able to easily select between them. Also love the full bible and easy selection of verses!!


I have been using E Sword for many years on several devices. It has been the most awesome and helpful Bible study tool. I recommend it to everybody. I can study more in thirty minutes than we used to could have in several hours. E Sword is the way to go to speed up and enhance your Bible study.

Great App, only one issue for me

The iOS widget is showing daily scriptures from a version I have never downloaded and don’t prefer...so I had to turn off the widget in iOS. Other than that, it’s a GREAT bible app. I have bought several of the desktop versions sword searcher over the years, and this mobile version does not disappoint either. This gets 4 stars from me :) Great job Rick My only other wish is that I Would like to see one or two more free map pack choices.

Excellent App have it on iPad too!!!



Simply the best platform out here. Love the user interface friendly Bible.

Favorite Bible app!

My favorite Bible app! This app has continued to be a lightweight, fast and very helpful Bible study app! I use multiple Bible apps and this is my all-around favorite! It is easy to share verses through different apps, in the format that you prefer. Thank you for your great work!


This is a very powerful tool !

Great Bible App

I have been using this app for many years. It is one of my fav Bible apps. The easiest mobile tool for searching scriptures and lots of commentary and dictionary tool options.


Very helpful highly recommended


I have used this application for over 15 years now and have found it to be unsurpassed in its usefulness. I have owned navpress and several other very expensive bible software packages but this one is the crown jewel of bible software applications on every platform. In my opinion it had no equal.

User since the 1990's -

I've used e-sword for years and there's reason - it's great! A tremendous resource for anyone who is serious about the Word.


This is the best Bible study app I have ever come across. I am a minister and I use this app as well as the apps for my pc and Mac to study for messages that I preach. This is a blessing and I pray that GOD blesses the man who dedicated himself and his time to spread the Gospel in this manner.


It gets. Better each time I learn how to do more .

E-Sword LT

One of the greatest bible apps ever designed. As a minister it has such great tools for studying and being more effective with the Word of GOD!!!!!

E-sword and iPhone a perfect match

I’ve been using e-sword for years since some of the first updates and it has been the best bible software available anywhere and was absolutely free. Now it has come to the iPhone and I couldn’t be happier about that. The $2 cost enabled me to give a contribution that was well deserved. Still hoping to get a translation in Albanian added one day.



Best of the best

This Bible tools is the Best of the best on my opinion. I use it all the time. Thank you for this FREE app.

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