e-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go App Reviews

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Brilliant!! Thank you. Scriptural study helps lead to spiritual growth and strength. Theres no excuse to not have these good books with you, anymore!!

If you want to learn Gods Word this app is worth getting. Has lots of learning tools. I use it everyday.

Love it

I used to use you version but Im sold on e sword, especially now that its updated with audio!

Excellent App

I love this app!! I use it everyday for studying. Very easy to use and tools are conveniently located.

The Best

I have used a lot of Bible apps and I believe the e-sword app is the best. I love the ease of maneuvering all over the Scriptures. The add-ons are great and it is just an overall great app to use. I also use it on my desktop and it has been my favorite for years.

incredible app

E-Sword just keep giving and giving. Like owning a Lexus the owner keeps finding more and more delightful features and luxurious options. I feel like a rich man.

Easy to use

Ive had this app for a while now. I have recommended it to my friends. Makes bible study much better. I do wish it would read to me. I have a separate app for that.


Very hard to manage and find what you are looking for. The one on my PC is easier 2/28 I am learning about this app and like it better

So nifty!

Love how this has changed my bible studies. Excellent app!!!!

Best Ive Ever Seen

This app is my favorite. Best Bible app. Works on my ipad as well. And on PC. So many resources and so easy to use.

E-Sword app

Excellent app! Good selection easy to navigate.


This program is all you need for Bible study. Now, you can convert all files and share them with IPhone or IPad. This makes this Bible Program the Best. Dr. Wade Bridges

Beat Bible app

For my every day use, this Bible app is 5stars


Easy to use and navigate

Great app!

Ive been using this program on the computer for many years and love all the free tools. The phone version is so worth the nominal price, and has many free downloads inside.

Removes confusion...

This app allows one to look up any particular word for the meaning as the original Hebrew writers meant, removing any doubt what the writers were trying to convey to the readers. Get this app to learn what has been hidden right under our noses all this time. This is a really great app that all seekers of the Truth, and Christians, should have access to!


I have been using e-Sword for about 15 years or so. I have it installed on every PC in my home and this version for iPhone is my favorite so far.

Great bible

Great Bible tools

No Disappointments

Very helpful, no problems, easy to learn and use. The Bible versions which include the meaning of the Greek and Hebrew words from which the English version is translated from are very useful in understanding the original meanings compared to modern interpretations.


I love the PC version too. My note taking go-to app. Might be nice to use with drop box so I can add too my PC. Hint hint Thank you Rick

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