e-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go App Reviews

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Perfect studytool

Super program with lots of useful features

Great Bible reader

Like its speed. Really zippy functionality. Hope to see full screen mode in the future.

Excellent tool.

Great tool for reading, learning and knowing the Word. Useful for equipping your faith and developing your relationship with God.

Best Bible Study App

Best app I have found for in depth study of the Bible!

Plautdietsch !

Awesome!! Thank you. The first Plautdietsch online Bible Ive found. Just like a Plautdietsch Bible for my iPhone yet:)

Great study tool!

I love this tool. I use the pc version also. Will be getting the iPad version soon!



One of the best out there!

I am really enjoying this app.

Pastor Coleman Price

My favorite computerized bible!


Thank you for the great app


Its excellent. I so appreciate having these sort of tools at my disposal. Works great, is reliable and even comes with tutorial. Ive been using it for over 15 years now and no complaints

Good but

There is an error in Rev 21:6: the software developers thought the text should be red but its actually the Lord God (Father) speaking and not Jesus Christ (only begotten Son) - so it needs to be black. Other Bibles I have have this as black text. Also, it would be great to see a feature in the settings menu permitting to hide the heart and notepad feature for tagged/noted verses.


Great program that offers wonderful functionality. I only wish that changes you made on one version sync to the iPad version.


Its the same trusted program Ive always used on my PC, except the app just made it handier. Very user friendly.

Well built

This is a well built and thought out bible study app. Its got everything from commentaries to dictionaries to suite ones likings. Its worth every penny!

Great Bible Application

Excellent tools for my Preaching preparations. Thank you!

eSword is a very good app

I have used eSword for years now, but a first time for me on a smart phone. I am still impressed! It is highly functional. There are so many resources available to eSword. You can choose from many Bible translations and languages. Being able to compare translations side by side is a great feature. The dictionaries, concordances and commentaries are easy to find and use, and the devotionals are there for those of us who find it a challenge to make, find or steal time to read Scripture. So eSword is powerful, and easy to use with a wide range of resources. Finally, it is also beautiful. It was the first app I went to download when I went to the dark side and bought an iPhone.

My favorite electronic Bible

I love E-Sword I think its my favorite for studying, and personal edification.

Web designer/developer

Ive been with e-Sword for about 7 years now through my Windows years and now as a MAC and iOS user. Ive tried other Bible reading/study apps but I always come back to my e-Sword app because it is solid, stable and intuitive to use. The search and super search capabilities are really superb.

Best mobile app for Bible

I have used numerous Bible apps over the years and this is the best for commentaries. The con is that you have to pay for copyrighted Bibles (unlike the Bible Gateway app).

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